Father/Son Weekend

October 7-9, 2022


Ravenna, OH

Cost is dependent on housing choice and per father (or father-figure) and son.

Registration Deadline: September 23, 2022


 Dads truly are a boy’s hero! Boys look up to you, learn life lessons from you, and build a deeper relationship and mutual respect for you by “playing” together and having fun outdoors…both with you and with other dads and sons. This exceptional father-son weekend offers plenty of fishing, hiking, canoeing, axe throwing, archery, fun games and more which create life-time memories and a stronger bond.




Unique Housing Options


Father & Sons

food Options

Weekend Meal Package

If you choose this package at registration this means Camp Carl will provide the food! The following meals are provided for $40.00/person. 

  • Friday Dinner: 7pm
  • Saturday Brunch: 10am
  • Saturday Dinner: 5pm
  • Sunday Brunch: 10am

Bring Your Own Food

If you choose this package at registration this means you booked the MRC or ARC as your housing (they have full kitchens). 


 You are cooking over the fire. Camp Carl provides the firewood and fire ring for the weekend but no cooking equipment. This package costs $10.00/person. 

Activity Options

Activities at Camp Carl provide endless adventures, challenges, and explorations for you and your son! These activities create an environment of togetherness and teamwork that is incredibly up-lifting. These activity options will be sure to make the full experience for your time away together amazing and as well safe! 

Tower & Zipline

Try your hand at scaling the 50+ foot wall using multiple routes. If you are an advanced climber you must try the underhang as it will definitely challenge those competitive climbers. Everyone who reaches the top will enjoy the zipline as you race across the entire field. Must wear tennis shoes in order to participate. 

  • 1 Hour Session
  • All Equipment Provided
  • COST: $10/person
  • Climb and Zip as often as you would like in the hour
  • 4 Sessions of 10
  • Max of 40 people per day

giant swing

During this thrilling ride, you’ll experience the sensation of free-falling from a height of over 40 feet. The Giant Swing encourages teamwork like no other activity. Each group hoists their fellow Father and Sons up the pendulum swing. Your group will be encouraged to work together and challenge themselves.

  • Ages 13+
  • 1 Hour Session
  • All Equipment Provided
  • COST: $10/person
  • Swing as often as you would like in the hour
  • 4 Sessions of 10
  • Max of 40 people per day

trail rides

Enjoy a relaxing wrangler-led trail ride around our scenic 315+ acres! We will provide everything you need to participate. Make sure to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Adults 18 and over can sign a waiver to not wear a helmet. 


  • 15 minute training session and 45 minute trail ride 
  • All Equipment Provided
  • COST: $15/person
  • 4 Sessions of 12
  • Max of 48 people per day


For an exciting paintball experience, grab your fellow father and sons and get ready to battle it out in the Camp Carl wilderness! Our paintball course showcases unique obstacles and challenges ranging from beginner to advanced. To be adequately prepared and protected, be sure to pack pants and wear tennis shoes for running around. Camp Carl provides all the equipment and safety gear you will need. Transportation to paintball area provided.


  • 1 Hour Session
  • All Equipment Provided
  • COST: $15/person
  • Climb and Zip as often as you would like in the hour
  • 4 Sessions of 10
  • Max of 40 people per day



Whether your a novice or a pro you will enjoy the skill of archery! This is a great way to build confidence as you work to reach the bull’s eye or just making a great shot. This sport is a great option for individual or team building as you work together to score the highest points. Be sure to pack your hiking shoes as you hike to the archery course!

  • Open from 12-4pm
  • Staff on hand to assist
  • COST: Free

Camp Carl offers excellent retreat amenities for you and your son; these unique challenging experiences will add the element of fun you’re looking for with no extra cost-will be open all weekend! Don’t forget to the just enjoy the peace and quiet at Camp Carl. We have lots of areas to just sit in silence or enjoy togetherness in our RED adirondack chairs and hammocks made just for this reason! 


This area of camp is located right when you drive into camp on your left. The field offers room to grab those other Father and Son’s for a game of capture the flag, soccer and many other options from the list below:

  • Soccer Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Bocce ball court
  • Cornhole
  • Spike ball 
  • Can-Jam 
  • Frisbees and footballs 
mountain bikes & onewheels

A new amenity provided in Fall 2021 are the OneWheels! This will be a crowd favorite with your son.The Wheels Garage also provides all your needs for biking around the Camp Carl property. Must wear a helmet for both bikes and OneWheels at all times. Must wear tennis shoes in order to participate.  


Another new amenity provided in Fall of 2021 is Axe Throwing! You and your son can compete against each other or against another Father/Son team in the fun challenge. The Axe Throwing course is located in the Tower field next to the Ninja Course and Tower and Zipline. 

disc golf

Whether your a novice or a pro you will both enjoy the skill of disc golf! This is a great way to build confidence as you work to score a basket with your disc. This sport is a great option for individual or team building as you can work together as a team to score the highest points. Camp Carl has 9 baskets from beginning to advanced holes. We provide the discs with carrying bags and maps but you are welcome to bring your own if you desire. 


Did you know Camp Carl owns an 2-acre lake? If you have never been canoeing or stood on a paddle board before this is sure to be a favorite! Enjoy God’s creation on our peaceful lake that also has a dock, a “Big Red Chair,” and a sand beach to lounge and hang out. We have an amazing deck that can be fished off of while enjoying that quiet time with your son! Lifejackets must be worn at all times while out on the water. 

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Paddle boards
  • Fishing gear (welcome to bring your own poles as well)
hiking trails
Camp Carl provides over 2 miles of trails to enjoy on our 315+ acre property. The trails also provide places to rest and enjoy quiet time along the trail path with your son.  
ninja course
Put your skills to the test on our new Ninja Course. Ninjas of all sizes are welcome to test their agility, strength, speed and coordination while maneuvering through different obstacles. This course will be sure test your strength, agility, patience and your drive. Think you can complete it? This is a great amenity for team building and unity. Adult supervision required for kids under 12 to help with spotting. 
The playground area is at the center of it all. Whether you’re in between sessions or use this area as an open activity this area is always a favorite at Camp Carl. The memories of ultra-ball and photos on the “Big Red Chair” are sure to be a favorite! Grab a few other father and sons for and sand volleyball game!
  • Gaga Ball
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • 9-Square
  • Swings (Ultra-ball)
  • Big Red Chair for pictures
  • Tree Line Walk

Housing Options

Large Cabins


Full bath and shower

5 father/son groups per cabin

Sleeps up to 20 each

4 cabins available 

$100 per Father/Son

Small Cabins


Full bath and shower

3 father/son groups per cabin

Sleeps up to 12 each

9 cabins available

$100 per Father/Son



Bathroom facilities separate within 30 feet

3 father/son groups per yurt

Sleeps up to 14 each

5 yurts available 

$70 per Father/Son

Tree House


Full bathroom and shower, 

Mini fridge, AC, microwave, Keurig coffee maker

2 father/son groups. Sleeps up to 5.

1 tree house available

$170 per Father/Son



Full bathroom and shower per room

1 father/son groups per room

6 rooms total with central gathering space

Full kitchen, family room, and TV

$140 per Father/Son



Bring your own tent and/or hammock!

Multiple locations around camp 

(wooded or open field)

Must use fire ring if bring own food

$50 per Father/Son

Conestoga Wagon


Bathroom facilities separate within 30 feet

Showers in barn within 30 feet

2 father/son groups per wagon

4 wagons total

$100 per Father/Son


3 rooms include the following: 

No bathroom in room. Showers in gym. Showers in barn within 30 feet. 1 father/son group per room. 3 rooms total. Central living space, full kitchen, and fireplace.

$130 per Father/Son

3 rooms include the following: 

Full bathroom with shower. 2 father/son groups per room. 3 rooms total. Central living space, full kitchen, and fireplace.

$140 per Father/Son



Full bathroom and shower

5 father/son groups 

Air conditioning

$120 per Father/Son



Full bathroom and shower

2 father/son groups 

Air conditioning

$120 per Father/Son



  • How much does Father Son Camp cost?
    Cost is based on your housing selection for one son and one father figure. The base package includes your housing choice and weekend programming. Every extra child added to the Father/Son group is $50.00. You choose to add on food made by Camp Carl and/or activities. (Register by September 23). 
  • How old does my son have to be?
    There are no age restrictions, however we do recommend the child be at least 5 years old to 17 years old. 

  • What if I don’t go to The Chapel ?
    Great! You’re in the right place. There will be other fathers and sons from around the region that don’t attend The Chapel.

  • Can a father-figure take my son?



  • Where is Father/Son Camp?
    Camp Carl is a hidden gem in Ravenna, Ohio. Positioned on over 300 acres, it boasts lakeside views, quiet ponds, and a canopy of trees. We pride ourselves in offering amenities and accommodations that are updated as needed and given great care. our staff is friendly and willing to offer assistance, as needed. 

  • What do I need to bring?
    Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a full packing list through email. The short version is: one duffel bag and one small backpack filled with your clothes, water bottle, toiletries, and closed-toed shoes. If you’re tent or hammock camping and choose to bring your own food-you may need cooking equipment and of course the food.  Don’t forget your Bible, bug spray, and sunscreen!   

  • How in shape does the Father need to be?
    Fathers need to be able to run 1 mile in under 6 minutes. Kidding. But if you choose to tent or hammock camp those options are up to you how far you hike into the Camp Carl acreage. Could be 1/4 mile or could be up to 1 mile. Tent camping can also be on main camp in the grass area with no hiking option. Up to you and your son to how adventurous you want to be!

  • What if it rains?
    Then we’ll probably get wet and muddy.

  • What if my son can’t sit still during stage talks?
    Then throw a football nearby. Hey, we want them to hear the message, but it’s loud enough for them to hear it even if you are not right in front of the stage.

Have other questions not addressed above?
Email us at erin.daugherty@thechapel.life

8054 Calvin RoadRavenna, OH 44266