Meet Our Team


Year Round Staff


Tom is our Camp Director. He has a heart to share the gospel with kids and he leads our team with grace and humility. You will never meet someone more gifted and truly called to the ministry of Camp Carl!

Family Life: Tom and his wife Michelle have three kids, Katie, Cole, and Jackson who all have worked or presently work at camp. 

Hobbies: Tom loves living at camp with his family and enjoying the community that only camp ministry can offer.  

Fun Fact: Before Tom started working camp he designed toys at the company Little Tikes.


Amy has been our Office manager since 2015! She is excellent at helping serve our parents, campers and staff. She believes strongly in the power of camp and allowing God to use this ministry for His glory!

Family Life: Amy and her husband Joe have been married for 20+ years and have two kids, Lilly and Jake.

Hobbies: She is passionate about being outdoors and encouraging the younger generations to get outdoors along with reading, watching movies and camping with family. 

Fun Fact:


Don is our Barn Manager. He has a heart to use horses as a tool to share the gospel with kids. He leads our equine summer staff with humility and teaching them the pleasure of hard work.

Family Life: Married to his wife Susan for 35+ years with three kids and 6 grandchildren who all live local!

Hobbies: He loves to train horses, travel to warm weather states with his wife and hang out with his grandkids.

Fun Fact: Don retired from his 30+ year job at Deluxe Business Center and started his dream job at camp even when he could be enjoying retired life. 


Darryl has been our operations director for over 5+ years! He and his wife, Emily our medical director, have been involved at camp for many years.

Family Life: His wife Emily and him have four very gifted boys aging from college to high school, Wyatt, Carter, and Dylan.

Hobbies: He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and is know as the ultimate organizer.

Fun Fact: Darryl was a high school science teacher before being called to camp ministry. 


Sandy has been our Kitchen Manager for 3 years! She has a heart to serve others by meeting their physical need of hunger.

Family Life:

Church Life:



Sandy has been our Kitchen Manager since! She has a heart to serve others by meeting their physical and emotional needs through her amazing gift of cooking. She is known for creating an experience that doesn’t just feed the campers bellies but also nourishes their spiritual health. 

Family Life: Sandy and her husband Larry have been married for +years, love their dog, Jagger, and 

Hobbies:Enjoys being a grandma and great-grandma to all her littles and has a passion for witnessing the love of Jesus to others who cross her path.

Fun Fact: Sandy worked at Blossom Music Center and has been in charge of feeing over 5,000 people in one night. 

Volunteer Experience Coordinator

Mike started volunteering at camp in 2020 after being called to leave his corporate job which lead into a full-time position in 2021. He is known for his passion for others, helping wherever needed, and bringing more campers to summer camp which makes him the best Volunteer Experience Coordinator. 

Family Life: Him and Michelle have been married for 20+years. They have two daughters, Brenna and Julia. 

Hobbies: Has a passion for helping others, raising his two daughters and riding his three-wheel motorcycle with his wife!

Fun Fact: Mike used to participate in bbq competitions with a friend and made his own bbq sauce with a label and everything!


Hannah is our Director of  Connections. She has a heart for sharing the gospel with kids of all ages and has a heart for full-time ministry. Hannah is very gifted at organizing and communicating the needs of the staff and loving them with all her being!

Family Life: Her husband Dave and her met at college and have been married since 2016 and live in Akron. 

Hobbies: Hannah is passionate about running, stretching yoga, her house plants and loves Artisan Coffee.

Fun Fact: Hannah has been skydiving/sneezing in the sun. Serves as a small group leader the middle school at the Akron Chapel campus.


Erin runs our camp store and helps in the office and kitchen when needed. You will also see her around camp during retreats as she has a passion for all areas of camp and getting to just “help” anywhere that is needed!  

Family Life: Erin and her husband George just had their 10th anniversary and have two boys, Andy and Matthew who love camp.

Hobbies: She loves to read, cook and loves all things camp. 

Fun Fact: Erin got her degree in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management for the purpose of working in camp ministry. 


Michelle officially started year round in January 2022 but has been around for 6+ years teaming up with Sandy in the kitchen and being the ultimate “Camp Mom!” She is know for her laugh, her insane work ethic and being the best supportive wife and mom.

Family Life: Michelle is married to our Camp Director, Tom, and they have been together since high school! They have three kids and a son-in-law.


Fun Fact: Her and Tom worked together at Camp Carl in college!


Logan works on our maintenance team! He is hard-working, kind, humble and a great asset to the team! 

Family Life: Logan lives with his family and is also a camp area local. He has a twin brother, Lucas, who both attend Kent State University for business. 

Hobbies: Logan is an outdoorsman who enjoys working on their family farm, hunting and fishing.

Fun Fact: He and his brother are getting a degree and business together to someday open up their own butcher shop together!


Kyle works on our maintenance team all year long. He is known for his  smile and always offering a helpful hand wherever is needed! Kyle worked with us right out of high school for several years in multiple areas of camp and is back now in since 2021 which is a huge asset to have someone who knows camp right off the bat!.

Family Life: Kyle and his family are local and live 5 minutes from camp! 


Fun Fact:


Kyle also just joined our team in January of 2022 but he is not new to camp! 

Family Life:


Fun Fact:

Activity Coordinator

George just started as the Activity Coordinator in January of 2022. He is new to this camp position but isn’t new to Camp Carl. George used to work retreats and activities prior to becoming a youth pastor. We are glad to have George help us organize all activities at Camp Carl. 

Family Life:


Fun Fact: George didn’t become a christian until he started working at camp right out of high school.

Summer Staff


Prayer Warriors

Would you like to pray for our staff? Check the link above to see who still needs a prayer warrior assignment. Then fill out this form and we will email you and confirm your assignment! 

During the summer, be praying for them, send them encouraging cards, and maybe even send them a little gift!

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