Please Follow These Steps

Refund Process

1. Please log in to your account by clicking here:

*Our registration system was updated on Feb 17th, if you have not logged in since Feb 17th, you will need to reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password”

2. Click on “Registrations” on the black bar at the top of the page. 

3. Click on “Cancellations” under each registration on your account. You will then have four choices for how you would like to process your refund:

1. Refund the full amount paid

2. Leave the amount paid on your account for use in the future. This will stay on your account indefinitely and can be transferred to other campers outside of your family. 

3. Donate 50% of the amount paid, refund the remaining funds

4. Donate the full amount paid to Camp Carl to help us weather this storm

4. Click SAVE

Please repeat this process for every registration on your account.

More Information

All refunds will be credited to the card used to make the reservation. If the card is no longer active, a check will be sent to the address in your account. If you have made payments in both our old registration system and the new one, you will receive your refund in two parts. 


Please note that due to our small staff, it may take several weeks to receive your refund. We are working as quickly as possible to process refunds. We appreciate your patience! We also welcome your prayers.


If have questions check out our FAQs PAGE.  And if you have special requests that cannot be accommodated by the process explained, please email us at and include your camper name and camp week.  


Please know that we are praying for our Camp Carl families during this difficult time. May you feel God’s unexplainable peace.

8054 Calvin RoadRavenna, OH 44266