Camp Carl?

Camp Carl is fully committed to partnering with families in the nurturing, development, and guidance of children and adolescents. We believe this week – and every week – matters in the life of a child. So we plan to make this a time they’ll never forget!

This is achieved through our positive, energetic emphasis on a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus, and the understanding that everyone is created in the image of God.

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Safety Is a Priority

Activities at Camp Carl provide endless adventures, challenges, and explorations for our campers! While we have an amazing time all week long with a ton of different activities, safety is our number one priority for every camper. Some of our activities, like horses, boats, and ropes require an extra week of training for our staff before camp begins. Here are a few specifics about the training and safety precautions we take for some of these activities.

There are always multiple lifeguards on duty whenever the pool or lake are open, and one lifeguard present for every boat activity. Every lifeguard is Lifeguard and CPR certified and trained in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Campers must pass a swim check upon arrival at camp to determine their strength as a swimmer. Wristbands will be given to those swimmers permitted in the deep end, so that lifeguards can ensure the safety of all campers.

Boat drivers are trained in waterfront safety and have passed an Ohio Boating Safety Course to be a camp boat driver. All boat drivers are older than 21 years old. Before teaching or pulling a camper on a tube, they log at least 20 hours of training and driving time.

We require that every camper wear a helmet when riding. All of our wranglers are extensively trained in horse safety and our full-time Barn Manager is responsible for overseeing everything from trail rides to horse and barn maintenance.

Whether it’s zip lines, climbing walls, or other high ropes elements, we want to ensure that each one of these activities are completely safe. An independent contractor inspects and certifies all of our ropes courses each year to ensure that they are in excellent working condition. We do an extensive training with our summer staff and they are required to pass a skills assessment before they are authorized to run any ropes elements.

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