a greater summer Experience

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Overnight Camp

Overnight campers get to slide across West Branch in a tube, tackle indoor and outdoor climbing elements, race down the slides at the pool, climb and tumble on lake inflatables, ride any of our 40+ horses, hike through our unique creek, and attempt to hit a target with a bow and arrow, along with tons of other fun surprises!

Elementary Camp

Our goal with elementary campers is to engage with their interests, questions, and abilities!

Middle School Camp

Our goal with middle school campers is to affirm their value as a child of God and help them find their identity in Christ.

High School Camp

Our goal with high school campers is to give them confidence to mobilize their faith!

Horse/Equine Camp

Equine campers get the unique experience of learning about and working with horses during their week at camp.

Wilderness Base Camp

Is there an adventurer inside of you waiting to be released? Do you get excited about sleeping in a tent, climbing a towering rock or paddling down a river, but don’t have much experience?

WaterSkiing Camp

Waterskiing campers will spend everyday improving their waterskiing skills with private instruction on their own boat at West Branch State Park Lake.

Camp counselors play a distinct role in the summer camp setting. They are the leaders. Mentors. Mediators. Parents-away-from-home. And they can be some of the most influential people in a young person’s life.

Whether it’s teaching kids how to make friendship bracelets, playing in the pool with hundreds of wild campers, or having deep conversations, camp counselors get to share their hearts of gold with  children who never forget them.

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