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Hey staffers! Log in to your HR account to upload your certifications and medical forms or request time off!

Time Off Requests

Please submit these in your online account even if you have already had a conversation with Hannah or Tom about these dates.

Did you know that your siblings can come to camp for half price? Give them this code to use at registration!  


Paycor & True Hire

Be on the lookout for emails from our two software systems called Paycor and True Hire. Be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see these emails at first. 

  • True Hire is how we will perform your background check.
  • Paycor is where you can sign your onboarding paperwork

Remind App

Be sure that you have downloaded the Remind App.  This is how we will send text updates to our entire summer staff when necessary

After you download Remind, create a “student” account, and join our “2021 Camp Carl Summer Staff” class. 

The code to join is @21ccstaff. 

CPR Training Instructions

CPR Training

All of our Camp Carl Staff need to be up to date on their CPR certifications. Click the link below to read through how to get certified and what you’ll need to have done before coming to Camp.

You will need to complete the online portion of the training BEFORE showing up to Camp for staff training. We will do the in-person portion of the certification at staff training. 

The online portion will take you around 4-6 hours to complete. It will cost $19.50 and we plan to reimburse you that amount in $20 of camp store credit. 

After you purchase the online course, it will give you an option to choose between “Heartsaver” and “Heartsaver Total.” Please choose “Heartsaver.” 

Once you receive your CPR certification, or if you already hold a valid certification, please upload your certification to your account.  

Vaccine Opportunity

COVID-19 Vaccine

Read our detailed plan for our staff in the midst of COVID-19.

In the situation where we have a camper who goes home sick and tests positive, any one of our staff who is exposed to that camper, and who hasn’t been vaccinated, or previously had COVID-19, will have to quarantine. To schedule an appointment for the vaccine in Ohio, please visit:

Please upload your CDC Vaccination Card or proof of illness or antibodies into your account.

Staff Prayer Warriors

Submit your prayer requests for the summer below!

All summer long someone will be praying for each of you. This PRAYER WARRIOR will pray for you, write you encourage cards, and might even send you a gift during the summer! 

Vehicle Information

Please fill out this form so that we can have a record of staff vehicles that will be on property. If you will be driving different vehicles please submit the form twice. Thanks!

Summer Pay

At Camp, we pay you on a “day rate.” Each work day, we will pay you for either a full day, a half day, or no pay, based on how many hours you work. It is broken down as follows:  

Sundays (1:00pm to 10:00pm)  

  • Work less than 8 hours – half pay  
  • Work less than 4 hours – no pay  
  • Late to 1:00pm meeting – half pay  


Mondays – Thursdays (7:00am to 10:00pm)  

  • Work less than 12 hours – half pay  
  • Work less than 6 hours – no pay 


Fridays (7:00am to 6:00pm)  

  • Work less than 9 hours – half pay  
  • Work less than 5 hours – no pay  
  • Leave before camp is cleaned – half pay

Staff Under 18

1. Have your parents/guardians sign this medical form:

2. We need one of the following permission forms from you

  • Option 1: If school is still in session when you are starting, you need to get a Work Permit from your school.
  • Option 2: If school is out by the time you start at Camp, all you need is a Parental Consent Form.
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